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In the land of NODROPEDS

How it was in the past years?

Nodropedi 2002 - the photos and the tale, Nodropedi 2003 - the photos,

Story of tribe Nodropeds; FAQ; Term-price-contacts;

We have prepared for adult about 22.-24.7.2005 (see at the end of february)


!!!It is neccesary to sign before You come!!!


Do you want pass summer in the primeval forest like real wild men?
Switch on your loud-speakers and plunge into story ones of the first tribes on our world:

Is only one place at the world, where sustained the tribe of Nodropeds. Their stay was for all people long time hidden. We found some strange footmarks a year ago and they helped us to find their forest habitation. It seemed like a big chance, that we came to their chief. But it weren't so. They have a big problems with tribe Grosts, which demolish land Nodropedie (in translation Green land). They damaged a Nodropeds habitations, stoled horses and food and fruits for their children in the past year. There is a treasure anywhere. When anybody has this trasure, it secure all his country. There is a part of the map, what Grosts need to find. They could have this power after this. We found already some under ground. It looks like a map, but a big piece still absent. 
Do You ask who are Nodropeds? It is old tribe, first people on the world. Seniors say, that they was here in the same time like dinosauruses. It is very cultural tribe, they have a lot of national  songs, dances. They are very untraditional for us. They use also old health effective methods, and beautiful games for their free time. They live in the houses, which are create from spider webs of spider Siko, which is only in this land. They are extremely hard. Otherwise this material combine with materials from the wood. They know a fire and they use fire at his celebration. They eat in the main rootlets of flowers and hunted animals from wood and. They eat drying fruit in the winter. We taught they to do grill food. They liked it. It is hot weather in their country for long-time. Therefore they are most time without clothes.  Their dress is mostly only painting on the body, with beautiful ornaments. They combine this sometimes with light wimple. Every Nodroped must to do this yourself for augury to be a member of the village. They are produced from presents of the woods. It is created a ceremony for this. They gave this to us like a present. It is the biggest honour, which you can got from Nodropeds. They use it for big celebration. Some Nodropeds have a bone on their heads (they say it is from the dinosauruses time), or coronet with plumage of the bird, similar, like we know this from red man. When is coldness, they wear cloak made from the webs, similar like their habitation. Cheaf has the  biggest one of all. They go barefoot. When they have a celebrations, they use flamboyant drops on the neck, which is make again again from the material of  surrounding nature. The color of their body is like our, but they are a little smaller. They go right. It is only few Nodropeds now. We spent several beautiful days in their small and wild kingdom and their chief Badrama Osi us invited back and said, that he want to invite our friends too. He says, that they can arrive with us only bold people, because they are heavy conditions for survival here. Wild beast of prey and snakes had emerged in surrounding grove several times, but chief said they can safe their village. All bad animals really kept out of the village boards and they kept out thanks to welcome ritual also from us. We had to take off all, what we brought with us. Not only our bags and all bracket, but also our clothing. We had no regret, because we started feel like tribesman. They us initiate then into the welcome ceremony. It was necessary to affiliate us like members of Nodropedie. It was started with bath in saint river Krou. We had after this magic ceremony. We was in theceremony to the fire accepted like Nodropeds. When we have left away our clothing we got from the chief natural dress of this tribe. Since was hot weather, we stayed without this. He said: When somebody will come here in the future, he will have to do this natural clothing yourself. You can come here again, but You must respect our law. Nodropedies condition are: to learn their special speech, their dance and music, for that is necessary to do  yourself music instruments, learn their games. Nobody can to know any about Nodropedie.Nothink can be inside Nodropedie what is not made from this nature. We can use only footwear, special adapted clothing for cold time and sleeping-bag (and we had promised to use this only when it will be necessary).  Magic power can secure Nodropedie only when all inside is from surround nature.  It was maximum these three bracket, which could dont break off this power.  Everything other interfere magic power of their country. It could for Grosts very easy to destroy whole Nodropedie. And they try to do this for a long time. Grosts dont like quite, love and friendship, what is between Nodropeds. Then we were seated at ritual fire and dance. When it finished, we had to go. We have taken our dress and bracket behind village and we returned to our towns. We didn't want to return. But we knew, that we must find other good people for saving Nodropedie.
If You want to leave the civilization, if You want to help to Nodropeds, to be
Nodroped too and pass nice time in absolute merge in nature, then go with us. 

A bit informations: We did music, painting and art in all our camps. Last year and this year is entire return to nature, 14 days without civilization and breath contemporary time, 14 days in the wild history. Meeting, where it will necessary after entrance into local wood kingdom of the wild animals to leave and to forget everything and all what we need for our life to create there. It is event with mutual obeisance and help. It is time with connection to culture and life style of the savage tribes. It is time full of savafe her, savafe pastimes, adventure, ways of courage, swimming and free time, games, body painting, Indian sauna and a lot of good foods. I believe, that for conception, it will really unforgettably and beautiful experience.

Frequently asked questions
what  is filling of the camp?
14 days in the natural life, without civilization is our main idea. Campers learn how to use presents of nature - they make natural clothing, drops,  body painting, music instruments, they learn to know flowers in the camp and surroundings. It will used to common games. Camps chiefs are  experienced music teachers. Therefore they will be at our program music games in the nature style. though in again natural conception. The camp  will led in artistically-creative and naturist ideas.
What knowledge we need for this camp?
They are children and adults from all professions in this camp. Common activities are for all. You don´t need special knowledge.
It will secured drinkable mode there?
Children will have for all day trinks, in  the main tea.
How it'll with hygiene?
There is a shower, toillets.
Is in object possibility swimming?
There are nice places for swimming - see the photos.
How it'll with staying?
They are tents with undergrowth in our camp. Further is in object clubroom, wood house with toillets and showers.
How old children are there?
Camp isn't time-honoured restricted. Is here possibility realization for all ages. Last year's camp pass children from 2 to 16. Camp is for all nature people. We say it is from 0-18 years, family with children, couples. Other, or busy people can to come 23.-25.7.2004.
There will be trips to the surrounding?
We do trips to nice places near camp place. 

How is it with food?
Campers help together to do food for all other. 
Leadership are largely men or women?
Polarity is fifty-fifty percents. There are also parents of the children, staying with us in the camp.
What experiences do you have with naturist oriented camp and with naturist living style in the family?
Life natural tribes is style of life naturists and environment of our camp directly urge to this. We see first on mutual discretion, obeisances to second in the camp troupes. Purposes of the camp are fine pass outdoor moment Children receive free movement with enthusiasm and sensation her surroundings all fours, like anywhere else. Is concerned personal sensation freedom, which help to do sensation major clasp with nature. With regard to adolescent, fact is, that children from families with open upbringing get adolescence troublefree. Problems among adolescent, often solving on common camp, on these type camp there's no need solve, because there is no in this respect no taboo. Indeed, that sight edgewise adult be like each other, like on by other camp. Camp is led according to ethical and moral fundamentals.

Organizers saving the right in the case behaviour one participant at variance with common rules ethical and moral fundamentals his stay without compensations abort!


Term: 17.-23.7.2005

Price: about 1.600,-Czk (see at the end of february)
Place where will our camp: If You want to know this, You must ask us. Place is not public.

Leders of this camp are experienced pedagogue, all needed bracket they are always secured currency (fresh water, aid man, aj.).

Look forward to Your interest.  

In the names of team our leadership Petr Malinek phone: +420 603 870 688

!!We do photos only with agreements of all people!!

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Age all participients:


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